14 Nov 2011 – 18 Nov 2011

Laura Bartlett Gallery is delighted to announce Co-, the first solo exhibition at the gallery by British artist Ian Law.

Manual are works made from photographs reconfigured into arrangements that utilise the snapshot nature of the original image and create documents of a handheld process.  Within the exhibition these works function as indicators to the spatial relationships between other works within the gallery.

This new body of work, developed over the past few years out of a distinctly process-based painting practice, places an emphasis on a negotiation between the work, viewer, gallery space, and artist. The material set upon a trestle in the work Description of a box utilises previous presentation formats to create a new work.  Text and object demand an immediacy of reading, in a work such as Second space, reiterate, and infer a commonality, or propose a collapsing of hierarchical systems of viewing.

The continued relevance of previously exhibited material is an integral part of the work. Wall materials from previous exhibitions are relocated and positioned within the exhibition, hung on the gallery walls and re-prepared by a plasterer. They are support structures that are partially concealed by the works that stand against them. These structures and materials concealed windows in two recent solo exhibitions. Here these materials reinstate the space of each window, layered behind a painting.

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