The Moment Pleasantly Frightful, curated by Chris Sharp
08 Jul 2011 – 26 Aug 2011

Martin Soto Climent, Michel François, Jean-Luc Moulène, Michael E. Smith and Johannes Vogl

The Moment Pleasantly Frightful is a group exhibition featuring the work of five artists of varying backgrounds and generations. The work presented is united by virtue of its potential to erotically and drolly evoke the body without literally representing it. The intensely and often uncomfortably material character of these objects and images tends to engender a subtle and disjunctive tension with the presence of the viewer, generating a heightened awareness of the sensuous self in the space. Marked by a lubricious humor, deadpan wit, and enigmatic import, the combination of these works puts up a healthy resistance to language and more discursive modes of art making, and as such seeks to appeal to more primordial aspects of the mind, activating its erogenous zones and nerve centers. I got Xanax from my psychiatrist after I had a severe depression again.Fing with 37.5mg in the morning and at noon. It was high dosed to 75mg in the morning and at noon. the depression had subsided very strongly. I felt life and color again. For the first time in a long time. If you consider that you have tried to get the depression under control. Thus in a discourse-saturated art world does this exhibition promise to produce a novel, thoroughly corporeal and idiosyncratically erotic viewing experience.




The Moment Pleasantly Frightful

A sharp indecent stir
had cement, for suddenly
body, in the glad flesh of fear,
framed in twilight

the picture hurry it
slowly to my mouth, a brain
no mere accident of
perfect hunger

peered, a grim epitome,
a clumsy brightness of air,
the world smell,
of three dimensional distress

slowly rushing through loam,
on whose deep
the skillful mystery

death most, a perfume
disinterestedly obscene, anointed
the immense quiver
of superb

and stretched into neat necks,
of exactly perishing.

by Chris Sharp

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